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It's very rare that we bring you tips & tricks as we will do below. Maybe that's because we are living in rare times.

The pub quiz has been put on hold and many pub quizzes are simply not happening. That doesn't apply to everyone of course, we have even heard that many of you are finding ways to continue to host your quizzes online, via Facebook Live Video, or collaboration apps like HouseParty.

We have even been involved in such events. We grabbed a free download of the open source software OBS, set it up to link up with the Facebook page of our local Irish Pub and invited everyone to attend. Pretty soon we had a nice little setup with a slideshow affect, the pub logo, 58 willing and able teams, shed-loads of great questions and a heck of a job marking 58 submitted score sheets in time to have them tabulated for the next round. No easy task, that's for sure but the players loved our efforts and come back online every week to play again.

One thing wasn't quite right.

The whole backdrop seemed drab, the titles made it look like a Powerpoint presentation that is sleep-inducing and with ages of silence except for our voices to break up the silence. That's when we looked into video stings. You know. Short little interludes that have the name of the pub on them, or say "submit your answers please", or even like opening titles of a game show. 

Expensive to make or seriously time consuming, right?

Wrong, not necessarily. We stumbled across Viddyoze. Basically it's an online platform that doesn't require the download of any app or software, everything runs through your browser. 

You need to have an idea as to what you want to achieve, that's about it really. Oh, and the name of your quiz or a little logo, even the logo of the pub. The software does the rest for you.

Check-out what we created in less than ten minutes... and that's no exaggeration.  Breathtaking Animations In 3 Clicks With The World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software!


It's no exaggeration, honestly, those three example videos took just ten minutes from start to actual download of the .mp4 file to the computer.

Then we tried the software out on an iPhone and an iPad. With the iPhone, we were able to choose a template from the hundreds provided online, upload an image for the logo of the quiz, choose the colour of the border (which matched the logo) and started the rendering. Within two minutes we had the resulting video sitting in the photos app on the iPhone, able to send via WhatsApp or any other software and then insert into the slideshow for our quiz evening. In our case this was with OBS. The video we talked about there is the first of the three above.

Some of their video templates the uploading of MP4 video and allow the adding of text on top of them, so very quickly, with the right idea and the right template, you can iteratively upload and download videos, creating a masterpiece to wow your teams/audience.

Anyway, take a look at the website from these masters of their trade. It comes with a double thumbs-up from us at

Take me there, I'm intrigued!

You too can produce incredible Live Action Animations just like these above at the click of a button 



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