Pauls Quiz 449

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1. The world famous House of Faberge was founded in which city?

2. Which Olympic swimmer turned actor was the only man to have played Tarzan, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon in film?

3. Which "Boy" does one associate with Thomas Gainsborough?

4. Which song from the band Queen became an anthem for the ANC in South Africa in the late 1980s?

5. What is long suffering Barbie boyfriend Ken's last name?

6. Which blonde bombshell and Hollywood sex goddess died in a tragic car accident in 1967?

7. Who was Indira Gandhi's father?

8. How many rounds per minute could the formidable 1861 Gatling gun fire?
a. 100  b. 200  c. 400  d. 800 

9. What is the name of the peninsula on which Denmark lies?

10. The following lyrics are all from songs with the word "Girls" somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. The phone rings in the middle of the night my father yells what you gonna do with your life
b. Northern girls with the way they kiss they keep their boyfriends warm at night
c. That the word on everyone's lips stick that you're dedicated
d. It's keeping track of the pack watching them watching back that makes the world go round 

11. Briard, Puli, Schipperke, Papillon, Akbash and Akita are all examples of what?

12. Who was the first living Australian to appear on a postage stamp?
a. swimming legend Dawn Fraser  b. tennis legend Rod Laver  c. cricket legend Don Bradman  d. opera legend Dame Nellie Melba 

13. Name the films (or film series) in which each of the following computers play a role.
a. MU-TH-UR 6000
b. V.I.K.I.
c. HAL 9000
d. Red Queen

14. What are members of The Society of Friends better known as?

15. Which intoxicating spirit does one mix with Champagne in order to make the Death in the Afternoon cocktail?

16. Which popular polymer-framed pistol, used by military and police forces around the world, is named after the Austrian manufacturer's founder?

17. Which four outfield players (keepers excluded) have played in the English Premier League at the age of 40? One point for each correct answer.

18. Who wields Mjölnir (me ol near)?

19. In which European capital city did an estimated 60,000 people die due to an earthquake on the 1st of November, 1775?

20. Who made headlines around the world on the 12th of April, 1961?


1. St Petersburg

2. Buster Crabbe

3. The Blue Boy

4. I Want To Break Free

5. Carson

6. Jane Mansfield

7. Nehru (Jawaharlal Nehru)

8. Answer c. 400

9. Jutland

10. Four answers.
a. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cindy Lauper)
b. California Girls (Beach Boys)
c. Girls Talk (Dave Edmunds)
d. Music To Watch Girls Go By (Andy Williams) 

11. Dog breeds

12. Answer c. Don Bradman

13. Four answers.
a. Alien
b. I Robot
c. 2001: A Space Odyssey (or 2010: The Year We Make Contact)
d. Resident Evil

14. Quakers

15. Absinthe

16. Glock

17. Four answers. Teddy Sheringham, Ryan Giggs, Kevin Philips and Gordon Strachan.

18. Thor (Thor's hammer)

19. Lisbon

20. Yury Gagarin

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