Pauls Quiz 438

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1. Which ex RAF pilot; who coined such words as 'biffsquiggled', 'gobblefunking' and 'muggle-wumps', was buried with his snooker cues, HB pencils, favourite chocolate, a bottle of burgundy and a power saw?

2. In which organisation was Emilio Largo second in command?

3. Which nickname was given to both The Monkees and The Rutles?

4. The name for which well known award is derived from the nickname given to the image-orthicon tube?

5. During the Second World War, which convoys did Winston Churchill describe as "the worst journey in the world"?

6. What is Indiana Jones's first name?

7. Which Asian curry dish translated means "double onions" or "two onions"?

8. With 31 years of age, Stan Wawrinka is the second oldest winner of the US Open Men's Singles title since the introduction of the open era. With 35, which Australian man is the oldest winner?

9. The name for which country translated means "ancient and bearded"?

10. Plus or minus 5, how many eyes does a box jelly fish have?

11. What is the name of Yale university's secret society for undergraduate seniors?

12. The following are the final words in which film?
"You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, god damn you! God damn you all to hell."

13. Meaning "heap" in Sanskrit, which mound like structure houses the remains of Buddhist monks?

14. What are the two longest venomous snakes?

15. The outdoor landscape scenes in the film The Martian were filmed in which country?
a. China,  b. Mexico,  c. Australia,  d. Jordan

16. Which of the following was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion?
a. Andorra  b. Greece,  c. Russia  d. Armenia

17. Who wrote the novella 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'?

18. With about 20km in diameter, what are the smallest known stars called?

19. The following was a movie poster tag line for which 2012 prequel film?
"They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end."

20. What was a medieval knight's warhorse called?
a. destrier,  b. hipparion,  c. courser, d. palfrey


1. Roald Dahl


3. Prefab four

4. Emmy

5. The Arctic convoys to Russia

6. Henry

7. Dopiaza

8. Ken Rosewall

9. Antiqua and Barbuda

10. 24

11. Skull and Bones

12. The Planet of the Apes

13. Stupa

14. The King Cobra and the Black Mamba

15. Answer d. Jordan

16. Answer d. Armenia

17. Truman Capote

18. Neutron stars

19. Prometheus

20. Answer a. destrier

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