Premium membership FAQs

Here are a few questions that we have been asked by our Members regarding our Premium Membership system

I have purchased a membership plan, what do I get for my money?

Firstly many thanks for your purchase and of course your support. 

Upon purchasing membership access to our website, you are able to login and gain immediate access to our Premium section.

At the top of every page there is a large menu. The "Premium" item will appear when your account has been allocated a valid subscription. Sometimes, it can happen that a short delay occurs between the authorisation of payment from our payment partners PayPal and our website but as a rule, this should not be more than ten minutes.

Under the Premium menu, several sub-menu items are shown.

New weekly quiz material will appear every Saturday evening under the Premium Quiz Questions sub-section, and this section also contains all previous premium rounds too (currently several years worth!). Picture quiz rounds and handout quizzes also have their own designated section.

Example: If you purchased the premium plan, your subscription will be valid for exactly one calendar year so for your subscription price you will gain access to all existing quiz material in the Premium section as well as a new quiz every single week, without fail, for the duration of your subscription, namely a year.

The Downloads menu is not included in the subscription model as the quiz packs available for download are hosted on our partner websites and access to the quiz material is not controlled by our login system. We feel that 12 Pounds is a very fair price for the amount of fresh, new quiz material over the period of a year (1 Pound a month or 23p per week!), and 20 Pounds is even better value when subscribing over two years!


I have paid my subscription but I cannot access the premium section, why?

This should not happen, but a few members have contacted us with this question.

We use an external payment partner to process our subscription payments.

After choosing a subscription plan, you will be taken to PayPal who will process your payment.

Our website waits for a valid authorisation response from PayPal and as soon as we receive it, your account will be upgraded to a full subscription for the duration that you have paid for.

This all happens within a few seconds and as such should not cause any problems whatsoever. 

Sometimes you will arrive back at our website before our site has had chance to process PayPal's authorisation reply. In that case, it may look as if your payment has been accepted and you have not got what you have paid for.

Please do not panic, PayPal are a very reputable payment processing company and your payment has been made in good faith.

9 times out of 10 the problem is resolved automatically so that within a few seconds your access has been granted and all is as should be.

In the unlikely event that after a few minutes you still do not have access to the premium section AND you have received by email a receipt for your payment from PayPal, then it could be that a "stale cookie" is sitting on your computer and needs to be refreshed before you can proceed further.

HOW TO RESOLVE:  Simply logout of PaulsQuiz using the logout link at the top of the page. Close your browser. Open your browser again and login once again.

You should now have access to the Premium section. One previous member experienced this issue and had to empty his temporary internet cache before he could access the premium section, but this was such a rare occurrence that we do not believe this is necessary for many of our members.

Please do not hesitate to use the contact page should you have questions regarding your account.

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