Pauls Quiz 445

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1. In 1997 Craig MacTavish was the only NHL player who didn't do what?

2. Which two singer-songwriters appeared in the 1973 film 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid'?

3. Which of the following is a collective noun for hummingbirds?
a. blessing,  b. rhumba,  c. bouquet,  d. dazzle

4. In 1958, at age 15, who became the then youngest chess grandmaster ever?

5. What are the middle names of each of the following US presidents?
a. Richard M. Nixon
b. John F. Kennedy
c. Lyndon B. Johnson

6. Which brown bear subspecies can sometimes rival the polar bear in size?

7. With 418 m below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. Which nearby sea comes in second place with 214 m below sea level?

8. Which East German woman won four world titles in figure skating during the 1980s?

9. Plus or minus 25, how many people survived the sinking of the Titanic?

10. Which painting was also a hit song for Nat King Cole?

11. According to some conspiracists, which famous American director filmed the hoaxed moon landing?

12. Named after a city, what is the largest lake in France?

13. Which actress was Antonio Banderas married to for 20 years?

14. Which region of France lends its name to a very expensive black truffle?

15. The movie poster tag line for which George Lucas film was "Where were you in '62"?

16. Spencer Tracy was nominated a record nine times for the Oscar for Best Actor. Which English Sir does he share this record with?

17. Which song title was a hit for both Madness and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young?

18. On the national flag of which African country is the 'Eagle of Saladin' depicted?

19. The 1934 biographical novel from Irving Stone titled Lust for Life; later made into a movie, was about which troubled man?

20. Which small deciduous tree native to Southern Europe is named after one of the Twelve Apostles?


1. Wear a helmet

2. Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson

3. Answer c. bouquet

4. Bobby Fischer

5. Three answers.
a. Milhous
b. Fitzgerald
c. Baines

6. Kodiak bear (or Alaskan brown bear)

7. Sea of Galilee

8. Katarina Witt

9. 706

10. Mona Lisa

11. Stanley Kubrick

12. Lake Geneva

13. Melanie Griffith

14. Perigord

15. American Graffiti

16. Laurence Olivier

17. Our House

18. Egypt

19. Vincent van Gogh

20. Judas Tree

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