Capital Punishment Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Another great round there Alan, many thanks!

Identify the capital cities from the following cryptic clues

1. Increasin' your score by 100%

2. Is this the place to get plastered?

3. Put father in a paper receptacle

4. Reserve a peaceful break

5. 3 times the 5th letter

6. Incinerate something

7. Sounds like the French think Miss Taylor's good

8. A Cockney's little pet makes a water barrier

9. Hades sounds very black

10. The barefoot 1984 female Olympic distance-runner sounds like a nuisance 


1. Dublin

2. Paris

3. Baghdad

4. Bucharest

5. Tripoli

6. Berne

7. Lisbon

8. Amsterdam

9. Helsinki

10. Budapest 


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