Endangered plants in the British Isles

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This is a list of endangered and threatened plants of the British Isles. They are endangered or have reducing populations within the British Isles and may become extinct in the future.

Some suffer because of loss of habitat, but many are in decline following the introduction of foreign plants or species, which out-compete the native species or carry disease.

Flowering plants

  • Creeping marshwort Apium repens
  • Early gentian Gentianella anglica (endemic)
  • Eyebrights Euphrasia sp. (endemic)
  • Fen orchid Liparis loeselii
  • Floating water-plantain Luronium natans
  • Holly-leaved naiad Najas marina
  • Isle of Man Cabbage Coincya monensis (endemic)
  • Lady's slipper orchid Cypripedium calceolus
  • Lundy cabbage Coincya wrightii (endemic)
  • Mountain scurvy-grass Cochlearia micacea (probably endemic)
  • Norwegian mugwort Artemisia norvegica
  • Ribbon-leaved water plantain Alisma gramineum
  • Shetland pondweed Potamogeton rutilus
  • Shore dock Rumex rupestris
  • Slender naiad Najas flexilis
  • Star fruit Damasonum alisma
  • Three-lobed crowfoot Ranunculus tripartitus
  • Western ramping-fumitory Fumaria occidentalis (endemic)
  • Wild cotoneaster Cotoneaster cambriscus (probably endemic)
  • Yellow marsh saxifrage Saxifraga hirculus
  • Young's helleborine orchid Epipactis youngiana (endemic)


  • Killarney fern Trichomanes speciosum
  • Newman's lady fern Athyrium flexile (probably endemic)


  • Cornish path-moss Ditrichum cornubicum (endemic)
  • Derbyshire feather-moss Thamnobryum angustifolium (endemic)
  • Glaucous beard-moss Didymodon glaucus
  • Green shield moss Buxbaumia viridis
  • Slender green feather-moss Hamatocaulis vernicosus
  • Weissia multicapsularis  

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