5th June Quiz

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1) Born 1922 the actress Sheila Sim , who is her famous husband?

2) Born 1928 the director who won an Oscar for directing Tom Jones and was once married to Vanessa Redgrave?

3) Which MP resigned this day in 1963?

4) 1967 was the start of the 6 day war between Israel and which 3 other countries?

5) 1968, who did Sirhan Sirhan assassinate?

6) Which king of England was buried at Frogmore On this day in 1972?

7) 1975, which stretch of water was reopened after been closed for 8 years?

8) 1988, Kay Cotee sailed into Sydney harbour, what had she just completed?

9) 1989, which political group defeated the communists in Poland?s first free elections?  


1) Richard Attenborough

2) Tony Richardson

3) Profumo

4) Egypt, Jordan and Syria

5) Robert Kennedy

6) King Edward VIII

7) Suez Canal

8) Ist non-stop circumnavigation by a woman

9) Solidarity  


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