Pub Quiz 133

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1. In Kim Carnes hit song 'Bette Davis Eyes', Bette's gold hair is compared to which 1930s s e x symbol?  One extra point for her first name

2. Tamla Motown founder Berry Gordy co-wrote the lyrics for the company's first hit record in 1959. What was the name of this successful monetary hit single?

3. Which 'naughty digit' was the first band signed by the Beatles for their new Apple Record label in 1968?

4. Which song title appears on Dean Martin's grave stone?
    a. Everybody Loves Somebody
    b. That's Amore
    c. Memories Are Made Of This

5. Who was the first person to earn a million dollars through record sales?
    a. Enrico Caruso
    b. Frank Sinatra
    c. Bing Crosby

6. The quiescent Princess Aurora is better known to both children and adults under which other name?

7. In which year did millions of people around the world first see the dark side of the moon live on television?

8. Off the coast of which cherubic mega city is the island paradise Catalina located?

9. Natives of which deceivingly named land call their home Kalaallit Nunaat?

10. Measured in square kilometres, which three continents are covered with the most ice? 1 point for each correct answer

11. Which healthy and chewy food that originated in Germany means 'devils fart'?

12. Which 'avant garde' celebrity coined the expression "15 minutes of fame"?

13. The name of which fabled food means 'immortal' when translated?

14. What is the name of a 17th century Italian clown in a popular song from the band Queen?

15. Each of the following are the initials of film titles starring Steve McQueen. Name the film. One point for each correct answer.
    a. T M S
    b. T T C A
    c. T G E
    d. T B
    e. T C K
    f. T T I
    g. T S P

16. Slim Whitman music is used to destroy the invading aliens in which film?

17. Which extraterrestrial species experience an overpowering mating drive every 7 years?

18. The world record in 2008 for temporary APNEA was 17 minutes, 4.4 seconds. What is temporary apnea?

19. According to legend, Bran castle was the home of which shady character?

20. The name of which type of cloud translated means 'lock of hair'?
    a. Stratus
    b. Cumulus
    c. Cirrus


1. Harlow, one extra point for 'Jean' "Her hair is Harlow gold...."

2. Money (That's what I want) (Thanks to Hadrian for correcting this question)

3. Bad Finger

4. a. Everybody Loves Somebody

5. a. Enrico Caruso

6. Sleeping Beauty

7. 1968. Dec 24th 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission.

8. Los Angeles

9. Greenland

10. Antarctic (13,802,000 sq. km) North America (2,049,000 sq. km.) and Europe (115,000 sq. km.)

11. Pumpernickel

12. Andy Warhol

13. Ambrosia

14. Scaramouche ("Scaramouche,Scaramouche will you do the fandango" from Bohemian Rhapsody)

15. Seven answers:
    a. The Magnificent Seven
    b. The Thomas Crown Affair
    c. The Great Escape
    d. The Blob
    e. The Cincinnati Kid
    f. The Towering Inferno
    g. The Sand Pebbles

16. Mars Attacks

17. Vulcans

18. Holding your breath.

19. Count Dracula

20. c. Cirrus


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