Pub Quiz 132

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1. Which treat is known in France as 'Barbe a papa' (papas beard)?

2. Which 18th century American polymath (from the Greek meaning 'having learned much') coined the phrase 'time is money'?

3. What is the largest land mammal in Europe?

4. The 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life used a mixture of Foamite (a fire fighting chemical) and soap and water to simulate snow flakes falling. Before that, what kind of white painted flakes were used to simulate snow falling in Hollywood films?

5. Where did Aristotle claim the human mind was located?

6. In which European country that has had at least 62 governments since 1945 is there a political party named Existentialist Impotents?

7. Doug and Dinsdale were two brothers in a Monty Python sketch who used violence, sarcasm and a thermo nuclear device to rule the London underworld. What was their vorocious last name?

8. What is the name of the unit used to measure the strength of a pollution source (or scent emission)?

9. In which country was Josef Stalin born?

10. "The Halloween Tree" is a 1972 fantasy novel by which American author?

11. Plus or minus 10 ft., what is the existing world record distance in cherry pit spitting?

12. Mark Zuckerberg is apparently the youngest billionare in the world. Which popular book is responsible for his wealth?

13. Plus or minus 100,000, what are the odds of getting a Royal Flush in poker? (with 5 cards)

14. Although George Orwell did it in his book Animal Farm, it's illegal in France. What is illegal?

15. The following words are from which songs with 'Wait' or 'Waiting' in the title?
    a. Everybody listen all over the world, I got a story bout my favorite girl
    b. But if your heart breaks, don't wait, turn me away
    c. 26 dollars in my hand
    d. I was a lonely soul, I had nobody till I met you
    e. Hopes dashed to the floor like shattered teenage dreams

16. What is the strongest muscle in the human body?

17. With 2,438 bridges, which of the following cities has the most bridges in Europe?
    a. Hamburg
    b. Amsterdam
    c. St Petersburg
    d. Rome

18. Sometimes even the best medicine doesn't help. Kuru is an incurable neurological disorder also known as which sickness?

19. The playing surface in which team sport is called a 'sheet'?

20. Which famous halloween party game originated from a custom to establish who would get married first?


1. Candy floss, Cotton candy or Fairy floss.

2. Benjamin Franklin

3. The European Bison or Wisent.

4. White painted Corn Flakes.

5. In the heart.

6. Italy. (Dr. Cirillo's party of existentialist impotents)

7. Piranha. The Piranha brothers.

8. Olf

9. Georgia

10. Ray Bradbury

11. 100 ft 4 inches (30.58 m)

12. Facebook

13. 649,739 to 1

14. Naming a pig Napoleon

15. Five answers
    a. Wait a minute (Pussycat Dolls)
    b. Wait (Beatles)
    c. I'm waiting for my man (Velvet Underground)
    d. I'm tired of waiting for you (Kinks)
    e. Robert De Niro's waiting (Bananarama)

16. Jaw muscle

17. a. Hamburg

18. Laughing sickness

19. Curling

20. Bobbing for apples (Apples were associated with love or fertility goddesses; the first person to catch an apple would be the next one to marry, a tradition that is echoed in the modern "throwing of the bouquet" at weddings.)


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