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1. The name of which world famous landmark stems from the Persian for "Crown of the Palace"?

2. Which American singer, actress, dancer and model was the first woman to have a posthumous number 1 hit single in the UK charts in January 2002?

3. The Japanese Yen, The Korean Won and the Chinese Yuan. Translated, the currencies Yen, Won and Yuan all mean what?
a. royal,  b. silver,  c. trust,  d. round

4. Plus or minus 5, in which year did the French penal colony known as Devil's Island officially close?

5. What is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby?

6. Based on the number of television viewers, what is, after the NFL, the second most popular sport in the United States?
a. NBA basketball, b. MLB baseball,  c. NASCAR racing,  d. NCAA college football

7. According to 'Paul is dead' theorists, which man with the initials B.S. replaced McCartney on the Sgt. Pepper's album?

8. Name the film in which each of the following bankers play a role. One point for each correct answer.
a. Gordon Gecko
b. Jordon Belfort
c. Patrick Bateman
d. Mr. Henry F. Potter

9. Which two cities have the most 5 Star hotels?

10. What is a naturally magnatised piece of metal called?

11. The English name for which thin all cotton fabric stems from the Persian words for "milk" and "sugar"?

12. Based on capacity, what is the largest stadium in each of the following countries? One point for each correct answer.
a. Mexico
b. Brazil
c. Ireland
d. Spain
e. USA

13. In which 1996 film does actress Natalie Portman play a member of 'The First Family of the United States'?

14. With 850,000 to one million hairs per square inch, which marine mammal has the densest fur in the animal kingdom?

15. Lion and Crescent are both names for a currency in which popular series of books?

16. According to the United States Census Bureau, what will be the four most populated countries in the world in the year 2050? 

17. Where is the world's largest national park found?

18. Which island country was a European Kingdom between the years 1918-1944?

19. Who are the only three tennis players in the Open Era to have won five US Open Men's Singles titles? One point for each correct answer.

20. What are the two largest bays in the world?


1. Taj Mahal

2. Aaliyah (More Than A Woman)

3. Answer d. round

4. 1953

5. Mint julep

6. Answer c. NASCAR racing

7. Billy Shears

8. Four answers.
a. Wall Street (or 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps')
b. Wolf Of Wall Street
c. American Psycho
d. It's A Wonderful Life

9. London and Dubai

10. Lodestone

11. Seersucker

12. Five answers.
a. Aztec Stadium
b. Maracana Stadium
c. Croke Park
d. Camp Nou
e. Michigan Stadium

13. Mars Attacks

14. Sea otter

15. The Chronicles of Narnia

16. Four answers. In order: India (1,656 billion), China (1,301 billion), USA (398 milion), Nigeria (391 million)

17. Greenland (Northeast Greenland National Park)

18. Iceland

19. Three answers. Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors

20. Bay of Bengal and Hudson Bay

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