Pauls Quiz 436

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1. Which 1990 novelty song, co-written by Michael Jackson and sung by Nancy Cartwright, reached number one in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Norway?

2. Since 1947, the Radcliffe Line is a boundary which separates which two countries?

3. What is the most common surname in France?
a. Simon,  b. Richard,  c. Robert,  d. Martin

4. "She doesn't give an F" was a movie poster tag line for which 2011 Hollywood comedy?

5. What is the land speed record for a saltwater crocodile?
a. 7 km/hr  b. 17 km/hr,  c. 27 km/hr,  d. 37 km/hr

6. With her song Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Brenda Lee now holds the record for the oldest person to have a No 1 hit single in the US charts. Who was the previous record holder?

7. Which Russian artist is widely credited with creating the world's first truly abstract paintings?

8. Barbie and Ken. What is Ken's surname?

9. What was the name of the on-line black market found in the dark web which was shut down by the FBI in 2013?

10. The peel from which kind of orange is used to flavour Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas?

11. A melody composed in 1784 is found in which hit song for both Elvis and UB40?

12. What is the most populated city in India?
a. Delhi,  b. Mumbai,  c. Kolkota,  d. Chennai

13. Which woman, born in London and with residence in Wimbledon, is found in Forbes list of the wealthiest fictional characters?

14. Which film starring James Dean is based on a John Steinbeck novel?

15. In the song from Wheatus, which heavy metal band does the Teenage Dirtbag listen to?

16. The following were the last films for which actors? One point for each correct answer.
a. Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb
b. Walk Don't Run
c. The Fiendish Plot of Dr Fu Manchu

17. How many eyes do both the praying mantis and the bumble bee have?

18. What is depicted on The Velvet Undergound & Nico album cover?

19. Which D.D. was the first African American to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress?

20. The Wall Street Crash that took place on October 29th, 1929 is also known as "Black" what?
a. Black Monday,  b. Black Tuesday,  c. Black Thursday,  d. Black Friday


1. Do The Bartman

2. India and Pakistan

3. Answer d. Martin

4. Bad Teacher

5. Answer b. 17 km/hr

6. Louis Armstrong

7. Kandinsky

8. Carson

9. Silk Road

10. Bergamot

11. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Plaisier d' amour)

12. Answer b. Mumbai

13. Lara Croft

14. East of Eden

15. Iron Maiden

16. Three answers.
a. Robin Williams
b. Cary Grant
c. Peter Sellers

17. Five

18. A banana

19. Dorothy Dandridge

20. Answer b. Black Tuesday

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