Pauls Quiz 433

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1. The winners of which major sport competition are awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy?

2. Which winner of five Grammy's, an Oscar, a Tony and a Golden Globe can be heard singing and playing piano on John Lennon's 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night`?

3. The following was a movie poster tag line for which film?
"The Bride is back for the final cut"

4. Who was the first man to win a Grand Slam singles title using a non wooden tennis racquet?

5. Who still holds the record for the youngest player to score a hat trick in a FIFA World Cup?

6. Which country was a 1981 hit song for Kim Wilde?
a. Cambodia,  b. Vietnam,  c. Burma,  d. Bhutan

7. Quezon Avenue is the most expensive property in which country's version of Monopoly?

8. What name did captured US servicemen give to North Vietnam's notorious Hoa Lo prison?

9. In which film are "Is that a raincoat?" the last words from an investment banker?

10. Ashgabat is the capital of which 'stan'?
a. Kazakhstan,  b. Turkmenistan,  c. Uzbekistan

11. In which state is the southernmost city in the United States?

12. Billy Connolly, Gerry Rafferty and Tam Harvey were which Scottish folk group?

13. Which E.T. is known as "the father of the hydrogen bomb"?

14. In which 1996 film did Jack Nicholson play two different roles?

15. The map of Cyprus depicted on the flag of Cyprus is which shade of orange?
a. persimmon,  b. tangerine,  c. copper,  d. sunset

16. Which wine term, derived from the French word for "tank" or "vat", is often found on the labels of French wine and champagne bottles?

17. Which Gibraltarian singer song-writer with the initials A.H. wrote or co-wrote all of the following songs for other artists?
To All The Girls I've Loved Before, One Moment In Time, Gimme Dat Ding, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, The Air That I Breathe.

18. The name for which element in the periodic table stems from the Greek for "I bring forth acid"?

19. Named after the city in which it occured, what was the decisive battle between the combined forces of humans and Autobots against the Decepticons called?

20. At the conclusion to which Beatles song is an ultra-sonic dog whistle used?


1. UEFA European Championship

2. Elton John

3. Kill Bill:Volume 2

4. Jimmy Connors (Australian Open 74, Wilson T2000)

5. Pele (1958)

6. Answer a. Cambodia

7. Philippines

8. The Hanoi Hilton

9. American Psycho

10. Answer b. Turkmenistan

11. Hawaii (Hilo)

12. Humblebums

13. Edward Teller

14. Mars Attacks

15. Answer c. copper (the name Cyprus is derived from an eteocypriat word for "copper")

16. Cuvee

17. Albert Hammond

18. Oxygen

19. Battle of Chicago (Transformers)

20. A Day In The Life

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