Pauls Quiz 432

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1. What was Al Capone's nickname?

2. Based on record sales, which two groups were the best selling music artists in the US between 1962-1964?

3. Which English actor's memoir was titled "My Word is my Bond"?

4. Which three countries in the world have the most active volcanoes?

5. Name the seven countries from the former Soviet Union that have names ending with the letter 'a'. One point for each correct answer.

6. 'It Doesn't Matter Any More' was a posthumous hit for Buddy Holly. Which Canadian singer song-writer wrote the song?

7. Ringo's only featured drum solo with The Beatles can be heard on which song?
a. All You Need Is Love,  b. Oh! Darling,  c. The End,  d. Hey Jude

8. Forbes recently declared that Magic Johnson is a billionaire. According to Forbes, which three other sportsmen are billionaires?

9. In which country is the Creole language known as Bajan spoken?

10. Name the Beatles songs in which each of the following historical figures get a mention. One point for each correct answer.
a. Chairman Mao
b. Sir Walter Raleigh
c. Mr. Edward Heath
d. Edgar Allan Poe
e. Pablo Fanque

11. "Are you serving that ape a martini?" is a line from which 1995 science fiction adventure film?

12. The following are nicknames for national association football teams. Name the country. One point for each correct answer.
a. El Tri
b. The Blue Tigers
c. The All Whites
d. Bafana Bafana

13. Who was the first actor to play the CIA operative Felix Leiter in the James Bond series of films?

14. Which famous artist was shot and seriously wounded by the "radical feminist" Valarie Solanas?

15. Complete the following movie poster tag line with a film title.
"David Lean, the director of Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia and The Bridge on the River Kwai, invites you on  ....."

16. When 7 UP was first introduced in 1929 it was marketed as an antidepressant. Which one of the following additives did it contain?
a. morphine,  b. cocaine,  c. opium,  d. lithium

17. What was the name of the 1968 massacre in Vietnam that would later help undermine public support for the war in the USA?

18. Founded in 1854, what is the only French company that continually finds itself in the Top 10 list of the world's most valuable corporate brands?

19. Which Martin Scorsese film ends with the words "Hey, I'm back"?

20. Michael Jackson's HIStory, Past, Present and Future, Book I is the best selling double album of all time. Which 1979 concept album is the second best selling double album?


1. Scarface

2. Two answers. The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons

3. Roger Moore

4. Three answers. In order: Indonesia, Japan, USA

5. Seven answers. Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Russia

6. Paul Anka

7. Answer c. The End (Abbey Road)

8. Three answers. Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Tiger Woods

9. Barbados

10. Five answers.
a. Revolution
b. Im So Tired
c. Taxman
d. I Am The Walrus
e. Being For The Benifit Of Mr. Kite

11. Congo

12. Five answers.
a. Mexico
b. India
c. New Zealand
d. South Africa

13. Jack Lord

14. Andy Warhol

15. A Passage to India

16. Answer d. lithium

17. My Lai

18. Louis Vuitton

19. The Color of Money

20. The Wall (Pink Floyd)

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