Connections Quiz 11

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1. Which actor played the effeminate cell mate of David Jason?s Blanco in porridge and co-starred with Gillian Tailforth in a children?s animal TV series?

2. Which artist is famed for dissections of young calfs in formaldehyde?

3. When veteran actor Jack Hawkins lost his ability to talk through throat cancer a British actor used to dub his voice, who was it?

4. Who starred alongside Gena Davis in the film Thelma & Louise?

5. What word can mean a spicy foodstuff or to do something to get a favour?

6. Who was the original host of The Crystal Maze?

7. What?s Germany?s main city and arguably the centre of its manufacturing and trade industry?

8. Who had a hit album entitled Bat out of Hell?

9. Who was the host of sale of the Century?

10. What is the connection?  


1. Christopher Biggins (One of the Party goers)

2. Damien Hurst (Damien - had a hit with the time warp)

3. Charles Gray (The Criminologist)

4. Susan Sarrandon

5. Curry (Tim Curry)

6. Richard O?Brien (The writer)

7. Frankfurter (Frank N Furter)

8. Meatloaf

9. Nicholas Parsons (Played the criminologist on stage)

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show


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