Connections Quiz 57

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The following quiz round was submitted by Sue Milner in the UK. Sue writes from the Punchbowl Inn, Lanreath, Cornwall. Every Thursday. Questions set & presentened by different team members. Many thanks Sue et al, great work.

1. In 1920 which international organisation was formed to prevent wars?

2. Who starred as the lawyer Atticus Finch in the film To Kill a Mockingbird ?

3. What name is given in knitting to a pattern of stitches producing a pattern like a twisted rope?

4. Who, in 1705, became the second Scientist ever to be knighted, 102 years after the first?

5. According to the bible on what medium were the 10 commandments written?

6. What is the American word for the back garden?

7. In 1901 Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to successfully go over The Niargra Falls in what unconventional vessel?

8. Maggie Mae was the first number one single for which singer?

9. What name is given to a smoker continually lighting one cigarette from the previous one?

10. What connects these answers?



1. League of Nations

2. Gregory Peck

3. Cable

4. Issac Newton

5. Stone tablets

6. Yard

7. A barrel

8. Rod Stewart

9. Chain smoker

10. All terms of measurement


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