Connections Quiz 1

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1. In which Shakespeare play would you find the following :
    Antonio, Miranda, Trinculo and Ariel

2. The following are types of what :
    Comma, Swallowtail, Brimstone, Cardinal?

3. The following are varieties of what :
    Pekoe, Lady Londonderry, Green Gunpowder, Oolong?

4. The following are varieties of what :
    Blue Brindles, common reds, flettons and London Stock

5. Which item comes in the following sizes :
    Double Crown, Octavio, A2, B4

6. What do the following have in common :
    Tishri, Kislev, Tevet, Av

7. What do the following have in common :
    Dunlop, samsoe, Cornish Yarg and Cotherstone

8. With which literary group would you associate the following 
    Nathaniel Winkle, Tracy Tupman, Augustus Snodgrass

9. Which pop artist would you associate with the following :
    Bubblerock, Sakkarin, 100 Ton and a feather, The weathermen

10. The following are examples of what :
    Bishop Rock, Eddystone, Longstone and Flamborough  


1. The Tempest

2. Butterflies

3. Tea

4. Bricks

5. Paper

6. Months in the Jewish Calendar

7. Cheese

8. The Pickwick Club

9. Jonathan King

10. Lighthouses  


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