List of notable Last events in history

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2007 Prince Wilhelm Karl of Prussia, the last living grandchild of German Kaiser Wilhelm II, died at age 85 on April 9, 2007.

2007 Lloyd Brown, the last surviving U.S. Navy WWI Veteran died at the age of 105 March 29, 2007.

2007 Charlotte Winters, the last surviving female U.S. WWI veteran died at age 109 on March 27, 2007.

2007 Ekaterina Romanov de Farace di Villaforesta n?e Princess of Russia, the last living member of the Russian imperial family born before the revolution of 1917 died in Montevideo, Uruguay, aged 91 on March 13, 2007.

2006 President Gerald Ford, last surviving member of the Warren Commission dies at age 93.

2006 Nellie Connally, the last surviving member of the John F. Kennedy limousine dies. 

2006 Maria Esther de Capovilla, the last person born in the 1880s, died at age 116 on August 27, 2006

2006 Last American survivor of the Titanic, and last survivor to have memories of the event Lillian Gertrud Asplund, died on May 7, 2006

2006 Last telegram sent by Western Union on January 27, 2006. 

2004 Last survivor of the General Slocum fire, Adella Wotherspoon, died on January 26, 2004.

2002 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Last Empress of India. dies on March 30, 2002

1995 Grace Hannagan Martyn, last survivor of the 1914 sinking of the Empress of Ireland died at age 88 on May 15, 1995

1989 Zita of Bourbon-Parma, Last Empress of Austria-Hungary. dies on March 14, 1989

1989 Last person to die trying to cross the Berlin Wall, Chris Gueffroy died on 6 February, 1989.

1974 Lt. Hiroo Onoda becomes the last Japanese soldier to surrender after World War II, after hiding in the Philippines for nearly 30 years.

1972 Last person to walk on the moon, Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan, 17 December 1972.

1971 Last tobacco advertising on American television on January 2, 1971.

1967 Last Emperor of China, Henry Pu Yi dies in Bejing, China.

1955 The last surviving German monarch, Ernst II Duke of Saxe-Altenburg died at age 83 on March 22, 1955.

1950 Last original member of the Oneida Society, Ella Florence Underwood (1850-1950), died on June 25, 1950 in Kenwood, New York near to Oneida, New York.

1936 Rainey Bethea is the last person to be publicly executed in the United States, August 14, 1936.

1936 Last Tasmanian Tiger dies in the Hobart, Tasmania zoo.

1922 Alessandro Moreschi, the last professional castrato, dies.

1916 Ishi the last of the Yahi died on March 25, 1916

1836 James Madison, the last surviving signer of the United States Constitution dies

1832 Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last surviving signer of United States Declaration of Independence dies on November 14, 1832

1520 Pier Gerlofs Donia, last King of Frisia and leader of the Arumer Black Heap dies at the age of 40 in Kimswerd, Frisia.

1453 Constantine XI, the Last Emperor of the Byzantine Empire dies defending Constantinople.

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