Geographical Music Quiz 1

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1. Which city was important for Gerard Kenny, Sting and Frank Sinartra?

2. Which US state did Pussycat sing about?

3. Which paradise did David Essex take a trip to?

4. Where did Tony Christie ask her the way?

5. Which queen did Billy Ocean sing about?

6. Which stranger did Michael Jackson have a hit with in 1995?

7. Where was it raining Nights and the devil went down there?

8. Who had a hit with the 60?s song do you know the way to San Jose?

9. Who was going to Barbados in 1975?

10. Who wanted to take us all the way to Memphis in 1973?


1. New York

2. Mississippi

3. Tahiti

4. Amarillo

5. Caribbean

6. Moscow

7. Georgia

8. Diane Warwick

9. Typically  Tropical

10. Mott the Hoople


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