Music from Beyond the Grave Quiz 1

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Music Quiz Questions1. Which Jimi Hendrix song in 1968 was released after his death?

2. Which Elvis song was released in December 1977 after his death?

3. Which year did Bing Crosby have a hit with white Christmas?

4. How many UK number one hits did Elvis Presley have before he died?

5. Who was shot on stage in 1961 died in 1984 and had a No 1 hit in 1986?

6. Which Freddie Mercury song was released in 1987 and re-released in 1993?

7. How many hits did John Lennon have in chart week beginning Jan 10 1981?

8. What was the title of 1984 Louis Armstrong hit?

9. How many albums did queen have in the top 100 when Freddie died?

10. How many UK Number 1?s has Marvin Gaye had?


Download Music Quiz1. All along the watchtower

2. My way

3. 1977

4. 16

5. Jackie Wilson

6. Great Pretender

7. 3

8. All the time in the world

9. 10

10. 0


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