Music Quiz 3

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1. Which famous American jazz pianist was known as "the duke"?

2. Who composed the ballet ?the sleeping beauty??

3. Who had a hit with ?the fastest milkman in the west??

4. In Which year were all these song titles no.1 hits: ?all you need is love?, san Francisco? and ?a whiter shade of pale?.

5. Who had their first British hit record in 1984 with ?relax??

6. Which funnyman had a number one hit with ?tears??

7. Which creatures sang ?we all stand together??

8. Which singer went solo after performing with the ?commodores??

9. What were the Christian names of the singing duo ?the carpenters??

10. In Which 1946 musical did Ethel merman sing, ?there?s no business, like show business??  


1. Edward Kennedy Ellington. (Thanks to Pip in the UK for correcting an earlier error)

2. Tchaikovsky

3. Benny hill.

4. 1967

5. Frankie goes to Hollywood

6. Ken Dodd

7. Frogs.

8. Lionel Richie.

9. Karen and Richard.

10. Annie get your gun.


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