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Music Quiz Questions1. What do all of the following song titles have in common ?  
    Hurricane (Bob Dylan), 
    Fingertips (Little Stevie Wonder), 
    Suzie Q (Creedence Clearwater Revival), 
    Another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd), 
    American Pie (Don McLean), 
    Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon and the Animals)

2. Which boy groups had hits with the following songs ?  
    a. A little bit more  
    b. Never forget  
    c. You needed me  
    d. I want it that way  
    e. Stay another day

3. Which one, or two words, is missing in each of the following 'kissy' song titles ?  
    a. kissin (Debbie Harry)  
    b. kisses than (Jimmie Rogers)  
    c. I kissed (Crystals)  
    d. a kiss (Bryan Hyland)  
    e. kiss my  (Hall and Oates)

4. Who "makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious"? 

5. Name the first number one hit single from each of the following ?  
    a. Elvis (in the USA)  
    b. Beatles (in the UK)  
    c. The Rolling Stones (in the UK)

6. Who sang the following 'telephone' songs ? Choose four 
    a. Call me  
    b. Ring Ring  
    c. Telephone line  
    d. 6060842  
    e. Whitehall 1212  
    f. Switchboard Susan  
    g. 6345789 
     h. Party line  
    i. Off the hook  
    j. Witchita line man

7. Name the four bands or singers ending with the letter 'e' that appeared at the Woodstock Festival.

8. Famous people often pop up in song titles. Name the band or singer responsible for each of the following songs ? choose six  
    a. Cortez the killer  
    b. Sigmund Freud's impersonations of Albert Einstein in Germany  
    c. Casanova  
    d. Frank Lloyd Wright  
    e. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
    f. Custers last stand  
    g. Ballad of Spiro Agnew  
    h. Anne Boleyn  
    i. Mr. Churchill says  
    j. Robert DeNiros waiting  
    k. James Dean  
    l. Clint Eastwood  
    m. Rock me Amadeus  
    n. Song for Bob dylan  
    o. Jackie Wilson said

9. Each of the following broke into the singles charts with a song that had a name in the title. (eg; Telegram Sam)  Name the song.  
    a. Creedence Clearwater Revivial  
    b. Leonard Cohen  
    c. Jimi Hendrix Experience  
    d. Pretty Things  
    e. Chuck Berry

10. Name the two hit bubble gum songs from the band 'Ohio Express' with the same words repeated in the title ?  ( eg.  Ring Ring)


Download Music Quiz1. They were all released as Part I or Part II 

2. Five Answers
    a. 911  
    b. Take That  
    c. Boyzone  
    d. Backstreet Boys  
    e. East 17

3. Five Answers
    a. French (French kissin)  
    b. sweeter wine  (Kisses sweeter than wine)
    c. then him (Then I kissed him)  
    d. sealed with (Sealed with a kiss)  
    e. on list (Kiss on my list)

4. The Candy Man

5. Three Answers
    a. Heartbreak Hotel 1956  
    b. From me to you 1963  
    c. It's all over now 1964

6. Ten Answers
    a. Blondie or Chris Montez  
    b. ABBA  
    c. ELO  
    d. B52s  
    e. Boomtown Rats  
    f. Nick Lowe  
    g. Wilson Picket  
    h. Kinks  
    i. Rolling Stones  
    j. Glen Campbell

7. Sly and the family Stone  Jefferson Airplane  Melanie and Arlo Guthrie

8. Fifteen Answers
    a. Neil Young  
    b. Randy Newman  
    c. Roxy Music  
    d. Simon and Garfunkel  
    e. The Who  
    f. 999  
    g. John Denver  
    h. Rick Wakeman  
    i. Kinks  
    j. Bananarama  
    k. Eagles  
    l. Gorillaz  
    m. Falco  
    n. David Bowie  
    o. Van Morrison

9. Five Answers
    a. Suzie Q  
    b. Suzanne  
    c. Hey Joe  
    d. Rosalyn  
    e. Maybelline

10. Chewy Chewy and Yummy Yummy Yummy


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