The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Quiz 1

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1. Who wrote the music for the film The Good, the bad and the Ugly? (Hugo Montenegro, Ennio Morricone, John Williams or Lucretia Borzia)

2. Which product is sold by someone called The Good Humor Man in the USA?

3. Who in 1987 reached number 2 in the British charts with the song Bad?

4. Which fictional character has 2 Ugly sisters?

5. Who played a Navy General on trial in the film ?A few good men??

6. Which actor played the leading role in the 1974 film Badlands?

7. I never saw an Ugly thing in my life, is attributed to which famous landscape artist?

8. Who played Barbara Good in the TV series The Good Life?

9. Who played the Ugly in the film The Good The bad and the Ugly?

10. What is an Ugli?


1. Ennio Morricone

2. Ice Cream

3. Michael Jackson

4. Cinderella

5. Jack Nicholson

6. Martin Sheen

7. John Constable

8. Felicity Kendall

9. Eli Wallach

10. A Fruit


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