Money Quiz 1

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1. What sum of money is denoted by the slang term 'A Pony'?

2. What is Hong Kong's equivalent of the 'FT-SE 100' index?

3. For which then Division One Club did Richard Money make 14 appearances in 1980?

4. In which of Dicken's novels does Mr Micawber say: 'Annual income ?20. Annual expenditure: ?19-19-6d. Result, happiness. Anuual Income ?20. Annual expenditure ?20-0-6d. Result, misery'?

5. What is the unit of currency in Peru?

6. Who presents BBC 2's mid-day financial programme 'Working Lunch?

7. The US gold reserves are held at a military base at Fort Knox. In which US state is Fort Knox?

8. The film 'The Magnificent Seven' was based on the Japanese film 'The Seven Samurai'. Which very well-know western of 1964 was similarly based on the Japanese film 'Yojimbo'?

9. Who or what is a moneywort?

10. Who, in 1979, scored a top 5 hit with 'Money'?


1. ?25

2. Hang Seng

3. Liverpool

4. David Copperfield

5. Nuevo Sol

6. Adrian Childs

7. Kentucky

8. Fistful of Dollars (starring Clint Eastwood)

9. A perennial herb

10. Flying Lizzards


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