Deep Water Quiz 1

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1. Which side of a boat is Port?

2. In which sport might you catch a crab?

3. What is the name given to decompression sickness caused by ascending too fast from a deep dive?

4. Who was the first man to swim the English channel in 1875?

5. In water polo, the game is divided into 4 quarters, how long is each quarter?

6. There are 2 main types of canoe, the kayak and the Canadian canoe, what is the difference between the paddles?

7. What do the letters SCUBA stand for?

8. What is a warp?

9. To what do the following rules apply: reach-throw-wade-row-swim / tow?

10. What is a wake?


1. The left side

2. Rowing

3. The bends

4. Captain Matthew Webb

5. 7 minutes

6. Kayak has two blades, Canadian only 1

7. Self contained underwater breathing apparatus

8. A rope used to secure a boat

9. Life saving

10. The pair of waves left by a boat


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