Zodiac Quiz 1

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1. What is a ramrod used for?

2. What is the role of a picador in a bull fight?

3. Which pair of twins founded the Guinness book of records?

4. What is the latitude of the Tropic of Cancer?

5. What is the collective name for a group of lions?

6. In which year did Richard Branson launch Virgin records?

7. To which class of animals does the scorpion belong? Is it a) Crustacea b) Arachnida or c) Cephalopoda?

8. What could Archers do in 1972 that they had been unable to do since 1920?

9. What type of fine wool is produced by the Angora goat?

10. On a fish, what is the function of the pectoral fins?


1. Cleaning a rifle.

2. Pricks the bull with a lance to weaken it.

3. Ross and Norris McWhirter.

4. 23.5 degrees North.

5. Pride or Troop.

6. 1973.

7. b) Arachnida

8. Compete in the Olympic Games

9. Mohair.

10. Control direction of movement.


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