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1. Who Was The Last Governor Of Hong Kong?

2. In Which South American Country Is The Area Of Patagonia?

3. Who Did Sonny Liston Beat To Win The World Heavyweight Boxing Title?

4. In Which Film Did Robin Williams Play Hunter Adams

5. What Is A Name For A Card Game For One

6. What Was The Name Of The Ground To Air Missiles Used Extensively In The Gulf War To Combat The Iraqui Scud Missiles?

7. In The Roman Catholic Religion, What Name Is Given To The Recital Of The Lords Prayer As An Act Of Devotion?

8. What Name Is Given To A Rich P?t? Made From The Livers Of Geese?

9. Which Australian Wrote The Song Waltzing Matilda

10. The Branch Of Medicine Concerned With The Cause, Origin & Nature Of Disease?


1. Chris Patten

2. Argentina

3. Floyd Patterson (1962)

4. Patch Adams

5. Patience

6. Patriot

7. Paternoster

8. P?t? De Foie Gras

9. Andrew Banjo Patterson

10. Pathology


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