Scottish Quiz 3

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1. The film trainspotting is set in which city?

2. To which island did Bonnie Prince Charlie flee to evade capture by the English?

3. Which Scottish pop group had a hit with alive and kicking?

4. How was Robert McGregor better known?

5. Who is the lead singer of Wet Wet Wet?

6. On which island is the rock formation known as the old man of Hoy?

7. What is the name of the Queen's Scottish residence?

8. In which city would you find Captain Scott's ship the discovery?

9. Which river forms part of the border between England and Scotland?

10. Which Scottish entertainer once said "roses are red, violets are blue I'm a schizophrenic, and so am I'"?

11. Which of these is not one of the Western isles (St Kilda, Benbecula, Yell, Lewis, Barra?

12. At which University will Prince William study for his degree?

13. Which port is known as the Granite city?

14. Which is the most populous city in Scotland?

15. Which city has given its name to a fruit cake?

16. Which Isle was linked to the mainland by a bridge in 1995?

17. Which river gives its name to a woollen fabric?

18. What is the administrative centre for the district of East Ayrshire?

19. Which city shares its name with and Australian city?

20. Which river runs through Glasgow?


1. Edinburgh

2. Skye

3. Simple Minds

4. Rob Roy

5. Marti Pellow

6. Orkney

7. Balmoral Castle

8. Dundee

9. Tweed

10. Billy Connolly

11. Yell

12. St Andrews

13. Aberdeen

14. Glasgow

15. Dundee

16. Skye

17. Tweed

18. Kilmarnock

19. Perth

20. Clyde


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