Titanic Quiz 1

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1. Who directed the film titanic?

2. Who are the main stars of the film?

3. Where was the ship built?

4. On her first and last voyage what was the last port of call?

5. In which year did she sink?

6. To the nearest thousand tons what was her gross weight?

7. Name her captain and for 10 bonus points name her chief engineer?

8. How much did it cost to make the film titanic?

9. She was actually called RMS titanic what does RMS stand for?

10. How many propellers did the ship have?  


1. James Cameron

2. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.

3. Harland & Wolf Belfast.

4. Queenstown or Cobh.

5. 1912.

6. 46,329 .

7. Captain Edward Smith And Joseph Bell

8. $200 Million

9. Royal Mail Ship, Royal Mail Steamer or Royal Mail Steam Ship

10. Three


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