Losers Quiz 1

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Who lost?

1. Her pocket in a nursery rhyme

2. Billions of pounds causing Baring?s Bank to crash

3. His world title to James ?Buster? Douglas

4. His way in the 1982 Paris-Dakar Rally

5. Her head in 1536 for alleged adultery

6. Her heart to a starship trooper

7. His hand in the film The Vikings

8. The 1999 European Cup Final in injury time

9. The Battle of the Nile

10. His liberty for faking his suicide in 1973  


1. Lucy Lockett

2. Nick Leeson

3. Mike Tyson

4. Mark Thatcher

5. Anne Boleyn

6. Sarah Brightman

7. Tony Curtis

8. Bayern Munich

9. France

10. John Stonehouse


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