Earth Air Fire Water Quiz 1

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1. Who Composed The Water Music?

2. Wheels On Fire Is The Theme Tune To Which T.V. Comedy Series?

3. Which Airship Crashed On Landing In New Jersey In May 1937?

4. Which Nobel Winning Novelist Wrote The Good Earth?

5. What Is The Colour?s Of An Earth Wire In A British Plug?

6. Who Had A Number One In 1981 With In The Air Tonight?

7. What Is The Name Of The Character Played By Dennis Waterman In The T.V. Series Minder?

8. According To The Sermon On The Mount, Who Shall Inherit The Earth?

9. Name One Of The Three Astological Fire Signs?

10. Which Scale Is Used To Measure The Force Of An Earthquake?  


1. Handel

2. Absolutely Fabulous

3. The Hindenburg

4. Pearl Buck

5. Green & Yellow

6. Phil Collins

7. Terry Mccann

8. The Meek

9. Aries, Leo & Sagitarius

10. The Richter Scale


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