Equine Quiz 1

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1. Which is both the oldest and the longest in distance of the 5 English classic flat races?

2. Which cowboy of the big and small screen rode a white horse called Topper?

3.Legend has it, a  horse called Commanche was the only survivor from one half of the combatants of which famous 19th Century battle?

4. Which character, played by Alan Young, was the owner of TV?s talking horse Mr Ed?

5. Which is the smallest breed of pony, that was developed in Argentina, from Shetland Pony stock?

6. In Greek mythology, the winged horse Pegasus is reputed to have sprung from the slain blood of who?

7. What ran for less than 2 years between St.Joseph Missouri & Sacramento, California, in the 1860s?

8. What colour will Lipizzaner horses, as used by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, be?

9. Are the famous Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian or American side of the River Niagra?

10. Who scored pop success in 1972 riding ?A Horse with No Name? into the charts?  


1. St.Leger

2. Hopalong Cassidy

3. Battle of the Little Big Horn 

4. Wilbur Post

5. Falabella

6. Medusa

7. Pony Express

8. White/Grey

9. Canada

10. America


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