The Colour Pink Quiz 1

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1. Which pink mayonnaise-based salad dressing is flavoured with tomatoes and green peppers?

2. In how many Pink Panther films did Peter Sellers appear as Inspector Clouseau?

3. Who was dismissed from the post of Foreign Secretary for being a so-called 'pinko'?

4. In which South American country is the presidential palace known as the Pink House?

5. Which pink flower is classically used to identify a stranger during a clandestine rendezvous?

6. In food technology, what is the process that gives meat its pink colour and characteristic taste?

7. Which of Pink Floyd's albums led to a spin-off film that starred Bob Geldof?

8. What do you add to gin in order to get a pink gin?

9. What is cut using pinking shears?

10. What sort of pink is striking, vivid, bright, or intense?  


1. Thousand Island Dressing

2. Five

3. Francis Pym

4. Argentina

5. Carnation

6. Curing

7. The Wall

8. Angostura Bitters

9. Cloth

10. Shocking


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