Famous Franks Quiz 1

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1. What was the name of the record company set up by Frank Sinatra in 1960? Hits such as 'My Way' and 'Strangers in the Night' were recorded on this label.

2. Who did Frank Bruno beat, in 1995, to become WBA World Heavyweight Champion?

3. Which public school was invented by the writer Frank Richards, and was the setting for his best known stories?

4. In which city did Anne Frank live, and hide, with her family during the second world war?

5. What was the name of the Roman slave, played by Frankie Howerd, in the TV series 'Up Pompeii'?

6. Following Tony Blair's election victory, to what cabinet post was Frank Dobson appointed?

7. In which year did Frank Williams motor racing team first win the Formula 1 constructors championship?

8. Why was 'Winfield' chosen as the shop's own brand name, by Frank Woolworth?

9. What was the name of the group formed by Frank Zappa that were at the heart of the hippy avant-garde movement?

10. Which set of toy cars were launched by the inventor Frank Hornby?


1. Reprise

2. Oliver mccall

3. Greyfriars (Billy Bunter)

4. Amsterdam

5. Lurcio

6. Minister for Health

7. 1980

8. It's his middle name F W Woolworth

9. Mothers of Invention

10. Dinky


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