Solar System Quiz 2

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The following quiz questions were submitted by "the Judge" from the UK. Great job your honour.

1. In what year was the first photo of The Moon taken? 

2. Which two planets in the Solar System do not have moons?

3. Which of the planets has the most moons/satellites?

4. Which of the planets has the hottest surface temperature?

5. What was the name of the comet that smashed into Jupiter in 1994?

6. Neptune is the windiest planet in the Solar System with wind speeds reaching? 
    a, 1500kmh 
    b, 2000kmh 
    c, 2500kmh

7. Uranus was discovered in 1781 by whom?

8. On which planet is the largest known volcano in the Solar System (presumably extinct), 600kms across 24kms high?

9. Which two planets spin in a clockwise direction?

10. Which planet has the shortest day, lasting just 9 hours 55 minutes Earth time (spins on it?s own axis one full rotation the quickest)?


1. a, 1840

2. Mercury & Venus

3. Saturn, with 18(Jupiter is second and has 16)

4. Venus 465 centigrade (Mercury is second with 430 centigrade)

5. Shoemaker/Levy 9

6. b, 2000kmh

7. William Herschel

8. Mars ? Olympic Mon?s

9. Uranus & Venus

10. Jupiter


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