Birds Quiz 1

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1. Sandra and carol, played by Nerys Hughes and Elizabeth Estensen, were the main characters in which TV series?

2. What was the name of the bird with the voice of Bernard Cribbins used to advertise BT?

3. What name did Sir Malcolm Campbell christen the car in which he broke the world land speed record in 1928 and 1931?

4. Which bird gave Fleetwood Mac a no.1 instrumental hit?

5. What familiar seabird do sailors call mother Carey's chicken?

6. In which town do the characters in birds of a feather live?

7. What is the smallest flightless bird?

8. What is the study of birds' eggs called?

9. What is the collective term for a group of ravens?

10. Who is Donald duck's girlfriend?

11. Who plays the role of Maximus in the 2000 film Gladiator?

12. Who was the English player to win the Embassy snooker world championship in 1991?

13. In 1970 what was the first top ten hit for T. Rex?

14. What is the nickname of Norwich City F.C.?

15. Who designed St. Paul's cathedral?

16. Which actress played the part of nurse Tina seabrook in casualty?

17. Played by Steve coogan, who is the star of "Knowing me, knowing you"?

18. In Magnum, Orson Welles provides the voice of which character who is never seen, the owner of the estate Magnum protects?

19. Who was the first ever Substitute to take the field in the history of the football league?

20. What is the nickname of the New Zealand rugby league side?


1. Liver Birds

2. Busby

3. Bluebird

4. Albatross

5. The Storm Petrol

6. Chigwell

7. The Kiwi

8. Oology

9. An unkindness

10. Daisy Duck

11. Russell Crowe

12. John Parrot

13. Ride A White Swan

14. The Canaries

15. Christopher Wren

16. Claire Goose

17. Alan Partridge

18. Robin Masters

19. Keith Peacock (Charlton 1965)

20. The Kiwis

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