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The Tour de France is a long distance cycle race around France (and often neighbouring countries as well). The race takes place over three weeks and tests a cyclists abilities to compete in a variety of cycling disciplines including individual and team sprint time trials, mountain climbing, and flat racing spread over a number of stages.

Below lists all the past winners of the Tour de France including their nationality, their team they were riding in and the total time it took to complete the race, along with the total distance raced.


Year Winning Cyclist Nationality Winning Time Distance
2006The 2006 Tour de France takes place on the 1st of July3639?
2005Lance ArmstrongUSA86h 15m 02s3607Discovery
2004Lance ArmstrongUSA83h 36m 02s3391US Postal - Berry Floor
2003Lance ArmstrongUSA83h 41m 12s3427US Postal - Berry Floor
2002Lance ArmstrongUSA82h 05m 12s3278US Postal Service
2001Lance ArmstrongUSA86h 17m 28s3453US Postal Service
2000Lance ArmstrongUSA92h 33m 08s3662US Postal Service
1999Lance ArmstrongUSA91h 32m 16s3687US Postal Service
1998Marco PantaniItaly92h 49m 46s3850Mercatone Uno - Bianchi
1997Jan UllrichGermany100h 30m 35s3950Team Deutsche Telekom
1996Bjarne RiisDenmark95h 57m 16s3753Team Deutsche Telekom
1995Miguel IndurainSpain92h 44m 59s3535 
1994Miguel IndurainSpain103h 38m 38s3972
1993Miguel IndurainSpain95h 57m 9s3720
1992Miguel IndurainSpain100h 49m 30s3983
1991Miguel IndurainSpain101h 1m 20s3915
1990Greg LeMondUSA90h 43m 20s3449
1989Greg LeMondUSA87h 38m 35s3250
1988Pedro DelgadoSpain84h 27m 53s3300
1987Stephen RocheIreland115h 27m 42s4235
1986Greg LeMondUSA110h 35m 19s3833
1985Bernard HinaultFrance113h 24m 23s4006
1984Laurent FignonFrance112h 3m 40s3900
1983Laurent FignonFrance105h 7m 52s3750
1982Bernard HinaultFrance92h 8m 46s3573
1981Bernard HinaultFrance96h 19m 38s3740
1980Joop ZoetemelkNetherlands109h 19m 14s3996
1979Bernard HinaultFrance103h 6m 50s4108
1978Bernard HinaultFrance108h 18m 0s4103
1977Bernard ThevenetFrance115h 38m 30s4096
1976Lucien Van ImpeBelgium116h 22m 23s4016
1975Bernard ThevenetFrance114h 35m 31s3999
1974Eddy MerckxBelgium116h 16m 58s4098
1973Luis OcanaSpain122h 25m 34s4140
1972Eddy MerckxBelgium108h 17m 18s3847
1971Eddy MerckxBelgium96h 45m 14s3689
1970Eddy MerckxBelgium119h 31m 49s4367
1969Eddy MerckxBelgium116h 16m 2s4102
1968Jan JanssenNetherlands133h 49m 42s4675
1967Roger PingeonFrance136h 53m 50s4780
1966Lucien AimarFrance117h 34m 21s4329
1965Felice GimondiItaly116h 42m 6s4176
1964Jacques AnquetilFrance127h 9m 44s4505
1963Jacques AnquetilFrance113h 30m 5s4141
1962Jacques AnquetilFrance114h 31m 54s4274
1961Jacques AnquetilFrance122h 1m 33s4394
1960Gastone NenciniItaly112h 8m 42s4172
1959Federico BahamontesSpain113h 50m 54s4363
1958Charly GaulLuxembourg116h 59m 5s4319
1957Jacques AnquetilFrance135h 44m 42s4665
1956Roger WalkowiakFrance124h 1m 16s4528
1955Louison BobetFrance130h 29m 26s4495
1954Louison BobetFrance140h 6m 50s4855
1953Louison BobetFrance129h 23m 25s4479
1952Fausto CoppiItaly151h 57m 20s4707
1951Hugo KobletSwitzerland142h 20m 14s4474
1950Ferdinand KublerSwitzerland145h 36m 56s4776
1949Fausto CoppiItaly149h 40m 49s4813
1948Gino BartaliItaly147h 10m 36s4813
1947Jean RobicFrance148h 11m 25s4648
* * * No Tour de France - World War II * * *
1939Sylvere MaesBelgium132h 3m 17s4224 
1938Gino BartaliItaly148h 29m 12s4694
1937Roger LapebieFrance138h 58m 31s4415
1936Sylvere MaesBelgium142h 47m 32s4442
1935Romain MaesBelgium141h 32m 0s4302
1934Antonin MagneFrance147h 3m 58s4363
1933Georges SpeicherFrance147h 51m 37s4395
1932Andre LeducqFrance154h 11m 49s4502
1931Antonin MagneFrance177h 10m 3s5095
1930Andre LeducqFrance172h 12m 10s4818
1929Maurice De WaeleBelgium186h 39m 16s5286
1928Nicolas FrantzLuxembourg192h 48m 58s5377
1927Nicolas FrantzLuxembourg198h 16m 42s5348
1926Lucien BuysseBelgium238h 44m 25s5475
1925Ottavio BottecchiaItaly219h 10m 13s5430
1924Ottavio BottecchiaItaly226h 18m 21s5427
1923Henri PelissierFrance222h 15m 30s5386
1922Firmin LambotBelgium222h 8m 6s5378
1921Leon ScieurBelgium221h 50m 0s5484
1920Philippe ThysBelgium228h 36m 0s5503
1919Firmin LambotBelgium231h 7m 15s5560
* * * No Tour de France - World War I * * *
1914Philippe ThysBelgium200h 28m 49s5414 
1913Philippe ThysBelgium197h 54m 0s5387
1912Odile DefrayeBelgium184h 50m 0s5229
1911Gustave GarrigouFrance195h 35m 25s5544
1910Octave LapizeFrance163h 52m 38s4700
1909Francois FaberLuxembourg156h 55m 10s4497
1908Lucien Petit-BretonFrance156h 9m 31s4488
1907Lucien Petit-BretonFrance156h 22m 30s4488
1906Rene PottierFrance185h 47m 26s4637
1905Louis TrousselierFrance112h 18m 9s2975
1904Henri CornetFrance96h 5m 0s2388
1903Maurice GarinFrance94h 33m 0s2428


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