Carry On Films Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions are all based on the series of films known as Carry On films, British comedy films

Some of the questions were provided by Peter Allinson from Cambridge, UK. Thanks Peter

Film Quiz1. How many Carry On films were made between 1958 & 1992?

2. In 'Carry on Teacher' who played the acting headmaster William Wakefield

3. In which film did Sid James play 'The Rumpo Kid'?

4. Which of the Carry On films featured the '3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment', the 'Devils In Skirts'?

5. Who starred in the title role in 'Carry on Cleo'?

6. Who played the role of Sgt Knocker in 'Carry on Follow That Camel'?

7. What was the title of the Carry On film set during the French revolution?

8. Who played the role of the Tarzan type character in 'Carry On Up The Jungle'?

9. In which film did Jim Dale play Dr Kilmore?

10. Who played the title role in Carry on Emmanuelle?

11. What was the name of the last Carry on Film?

12. Which actor starred in more Carry on?s than anyone else

13. What was the first of the Carry On films ?

14. In which film does Kenneth Williams say the famous line 'Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me'?


1. 31

2. Ted Ray

3. Carry on Cowboy

4. Carry on up the Kyber

5. Amanda Barrie

6. Phil Silvers

7. Carry on don?t lose your head

8. Terry Scott

9. Carry on Doctor

10. Suzanne Danielle

11. Carry on Columbus

12. Kenneth Williams (26)

13. Carry on Sergeant

14. Carry on Cleo


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