The Letter P Quiz 1

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1. Which chronic disease that effects the part of the brain controlling voluntary movement was named after the British physician who first described it in 1817?

2. Which political party, founded in 1925, is dedicated to the achievement of welsh independence?

3. What was the name of the supreme policy making authority in the soviet union that was abolished in 1991?

4. The flower or blossom of which fruit resembles a rosette, with purplish flowers in the centre of that rosette?

5. Who directed the films 'Tootsie' and 'Out of Africa'?

6. Which Greek mythological hero, with the help of Athena, beheaded the medusa and later married Andromeda, who he rescued from a sea monster?

7. Which American artist, born in 1912 had by 1947 developed an abstract style, but shortly before his death in a car crash in 1956, had taken to painting in black and white?

8. Gary Brooker fronted which pop group, who scored their only no.1 in 1967?

9. Born Kompong Thom in 1925, how is this former dictator of a south-east Asian country better known to the world?

10. Who was awarded, but declined the Nobel prize for literature in 1958?


1. Parkinson's After James Parkinson

2. Plaid Cymru

3. Politburo

4. Pineapple

5. Sydney Pollock

6. Perseus

7. Jackson Pollock

8. Procul Harum

9. Pol Pot

10. Boris Pasternak


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