The Letter S Quiz 2

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1. Which port in Washington, U.S.A., was named after the Indian word Sealth?

2. On which mount did Moses receive the Ten Commandments from god?

3. Which African country has borders with Egypt and Libya?

4. Which 1971 film starred Dustin Hoffman and Susan George?

5. Who duetted with Billy Preston on "with you I'm born again" in 1979?

6. Which punk group first charted in the U.K. with "get a grip on yourself"?

7. Which jockey rode Shirley Heights to victory in the derby in 1978?

8. What word connects a film starring Jeff Bridges and a UK hit of David Bowie?

9. Syracuse is a port on which Mediterranean island?

10. Which European football team lost to Brazil in the 1958 world cup final?


1. Seattle

2. Sinai

3. Sudan

4. Straw Dogs

5. Syreeta

6. Stranglers

7. Griville Starkey

8. Starman

9. Sicily

10. Sweden


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