The Letter A Quiz 1

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1. Which AA is a poetic name for water?

2. Which AA is the author of the plays Absurd Person Singular and The Norman Conquest?

3. Which A was rescued by, and then married to Perseus?

4. Which highly toxic A was once used cosmetically?

5. Which A is the furthest point from the sun in a planets orbit?

6. Which A was the Greek goddess of love?

7. Which AA is the name which eighties pop singer Stuart Goddard used?

8. Which A describes a final earth shattering battle?

9. Which A is a metal, with the chemical symbol Sb?

10. Which AA is a TV series of the 1960s featuring Gerald Harper in the title role?  


1. Adam?s Ale

2. Alan Ayckbourn

3. Andromeda

4. Arsenic

5. Aphelion

6. Aphrodite

7. Adam Ant

8. Armageddon

9. Antimony

10. Adam Adamant  


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