The Letter L Quiz 1

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1. Which L flows through Dublin?

2. Which L is a cosmetic surgical method of removing unwanted body fat?

3. Which L is where the souls of the unbaptised go according to some theologians?

4. Which L is a gourd that has found its way into the bathroom?

5. Which L is the Surname of the artist best remembered for his matchstick men?

6. What L was the site of a famous defeat of the Turkish navy in 1571?

7. Which LL is the country singer who is the subject of the film Coalminers Daughter?

8. Which L is where you will find the temple of Karnak in Egypt?

9. At which L is the Prix de L?Arc de Triomphe?

10. Which L is a strong smelling Belgian cheese?  


1. Liffey

2. Liposuction

3. Limbo

4. Loofah

5. Lowrey

6. Lepanto

7. Loretta Lynn

8. Luxor

9. Longchamps

10. Limburger  


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