The Letter C Quiz 1

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1. Which C is the French writer of the novel Gigi?

2. Which C is a couch and also a brand of cigarettes?

3. Which C directed and starred in the film The Great Dictator?

4. Which C is home to an army camp and a race track in Yorkshire?

5. Which C is a football club with its home ground at Highfield Road?

6. Which C in Berlin was a famous crossing point from East to West from 1961 to 1969?

7. Which C was a US president during most of the 1920s?

8. Which C wrote The unquiet Grave?

9. Which C was the leading actress in the TV series Pennies from Heaven?

10. Which C is a rocket launch site in Florida?  


1. Colette

2. Chesterfield

3. Charlie Chaplin

4. Catterick

5. Coventry City

6. Checkpoint Charlie

7. Calvin Coolidge

8. Cyril Connolly

9. Cheryl Campbell

10. Cape Canaveral


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