Dans Letters Quiz 2

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Dan, from the UK. Thanks a lot Dan, great round

1. What 'H' is the name given to a new-born alligator?

2. What 'P' is the proper term for a young wolf?

3. What 'H' is a term normally applied to a person living in solitude as a religious disciple?

4. In clothing, which 'B' is a type of pleat made of two flat folds turned in towards each other

5. Which 'C' is the name of the philosophical fable by Voltaire published in 1759?

6. What 'H' is an adjective, taken from the name of a Greek mythological hero, which means requiring great strength?

7. What 'J' is South America's largest wild cat?

8. What 'J' is the term used to describe all baby marsupials?

9. In Language, what 'A' is the repetition of the same Initial letter in two or more words close together?

10. What 'R' is the name given to a small carpet?

11. What 'C' is a dessert sauce usually made from pureed and sieved fruit?

12. What 'V' is both a girl's name and a creeper widely planted for the intense red autumn colouring of its leaves?

13. What 'M' is a general term for a poor dietary condition in which the body becomes too weak to function properly?

14. In human biology, what 'A' is word for a scraped area of skin, also known as a graze?

15. What 'N' is the name given to the egg of a louse, or other parasitic insects?

16. What 'i' is a triangle that has two sides of equal length?

17. What 'S' is a name commonly given to Dublin Bay prawns?

18. What 'B' was the name of the free-trade organisation formed by Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in 1947?

19. What 'L' is the name given to land or property held by a tenant for a specified period?

20. What 'B' is the name of the species of tiger native to India?


1. Hatchling

2. Pup

3. Hermit

4. Box

5. Candide

6. Herculean

7. Jaguar

8. Joey

9. Alliteration

10. Rug

11. Coulis

12. Virginia

13. Malnutrition

14. Abrasion

15. Nit

16. Isosceles

17. Scampi

18. Benelux

19. Leasehold

20. Bengal Tiger


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