Dans Letters Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Dan, from the UK. Thanks a lot Dan, great round

1. What 'F' can mean either the board over a shop front or the instrument board of a motor-car?

2. What 'C' is a fatty liquid product separated from milk which can be used to make butter?

3. What 'L' is a breed of dog that takes its name from the Canadian region where it was developed?

4. Which 'R' is applied to the period of English literature between 1485 and the mid-seventeenth century?

5. In medicine, what 'P' is an electronic device used to correct an abnormal or irregular heart rate?

6. In fashion, which 'B' is a type of felt cap, sometimes worn by members of a military unit?

7. What 'C' is a seed that is dried and primarily used as a substitute for chocolate?

8. In Australia what 'D' is the name of the capital city of the Northern Territory?

9. In common speech what 'L' means off-centre or unsymmetrical?

10. What 'L' is a common name for calcium hydroxide used to lower the acidity in soil?

11. What 'D' is the name given to the nest of a squirrel?

12. What 'A' is an airy spirit in Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest'?

13. What 'R' is the name of both the artery and the vein which convey blood to and from the kidney?

14. What 'R' is a roasting spit used to cook meat?

15. What 'B' is a member of the cabbage family similar to the cauliflower except with a green head?

16. What 'M' is a mixture of sand, cement and water used to bond bricks together?

17. What 'F' is the name of a common shrub related to Jasmine that produces a mass of fourpetalled yellow flowers?

18. What 'C' is the most common variety of finch in Western Europe?

19. What 'T' is the name given to the part of the body between the neck and abdomen which contains the heart and lungs?

20. What 'S' is a black and white striped mammal found in North America, renowned for the foul smell it produces?


1. Fascia

2. Cream

3. Labrador

4. Renaissance

5. Pacemaker

6. Beret

7. Carob

8. Darwin

9. Lopsided

10. Lime

11. Drey

12. Ariel

13. Renal

14. Rotisserie

15. Broccoli

16. Mortar

17. Forsythia

18. Chaffinch

19. Thorax

20. Skunk


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