The Letter Y Quiz 1

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1. Which Y is a face covering worn by many Arab Women?

2. Which Y is where the Ebor Handicap horse race is run?

3. Which Y is where, Churchill Stalin and Roosevelt met?

4. What Y is a member of a Jamaican Criminal Gang?

5. What Y is a member of a Japanese criminal fraternity?

6. What Y Is The Capital Of Armenia?

7. Which Y Is A Famous Sea Associated With China?

8. Which Y is a derivation from a true course in the movement of a boat?

9. What Y often accompanied Boo Boo?

10. Which Y was the scene of a famous Gold Rush in the 1890s?


1. Yasmak

2. York

3. Yalta

4. Yardie

5. Yakuza

6. Yerevan

7. Yellow

8. Yaw

9. Yogi Bear

10. Yukon


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