The Letter G Quiz 1

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1. Which GG led the bombing raids on the Eeder and Mohne dams?

2. Which GG wrote the Female Eunuch?

3. Which GG was a convict who insisted on being executed by a firing squad?

4. What GG was a goodie and not a baddie?

5. Which GG?s works included The tenth man and Brighton Rock?

6. What GG is the nickname adopted by TV cook Graham Kerr?

7. Which G in Somerset is the site of a major annual pop festival?

8. Which GG was an actress whose last film was two-faced women in 1941?

9. Which G was the cupbearer to the gods of Olympus?

10. Which GG is the German author of cat and Mouse and The Tin Drum  


1. Guy Gibson

2. Germaine Greer

3. Gary Gilmore

4. Graham Garden

5. Graham Greene

6. The Galloping Gourmet

7. Glastonbury

8. Greta Garbo

9. Ganymede

10. Gunter Grass


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