The Letter S Quiz 1

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1. Which S is a non-metal that is a major constituent of glass?

2. Which SoS is the nickname given to serial killer David Berkowitz?

3. Which S is an invertebrate marine lifeform belonging to the phylum Porifera?

4. To which island group S do Yell and Unst belong?

5. Which SS was an original member of the Beatles who died young of a Brain Tumour?

6. Which S was once windscale?

7. Which SS is remembered for his paintings of his birthplace, Cookham, which often had a religious theme?

8. Which S was a kidnapped Derby winner?

9. Which SC is the football team Stanley Matthew?s joined in 1931?

10. Which SS gave her career a boost by uncrossing her legs in a notorious 1992 film?

11. Which London market was the scene of the murder of Wat Tyler?

12. Which town near Wigan in Lancashire, was developed as a new town in 1962?

13. Which jockey was the national hunt champion on two occasions in the 1970's?

14. Which 1970's punk band had Jimmy Pursey as their lead singer?

15. Which 4-letter word refers to one of a class of medieval labourers bound to or transferred with land?

16. Which 11-letter word is the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident?

17. Which town in Kent 20 miles Southeast of London, had most of the trees from which the town derives its name, blown down in the gales of 1987?

18. Who was the third wife of henry viii?

19. Who wrote Porterhouse blue, Wilt and Blott on the landscape?

20. What is the better-known name for the national campaign for homeless people?


1. Silicon

2. Son of Sam

3. Sponge

4. Shetlands

5. Stuart Sutcliffe

6. Sellafield

7. Stanley Spencer

8. Shergar

9. Stoke City

10. Sharon Stone

11. Smithfield

12. Skelmersdale

13. Tommy Stack

14. Sham 69

15. Serf

16. Serendipity

17. Sevenoaks

18. Jane Seymour

19. Tom Sharpe

20. Shelter


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