The Letter R Quiz 1

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1. Which RR is the legendary hero played in a 1995 film by Liam Neeson?

2. What RR was the lead singer with The Band?

3. Which RR has also written under the name Barbara Vine?

4. Which RR was the original presenter of Call My Bluff?

5. Which R is the name of Don Quixote?s horse?

6. Which R is a musical term meaning slowing down?

7. Which RF did Sherlock Holmes apparently meet his death?

8. Which R is a highly ornamental style of architecture popular in Europe in the early 18th century?

9. Which RB is the actor born Richard Jenkins?

10. Which RR played shaft in a 1971 film of that name?  


1. Rob Roy

2. Robbie Robertson

3. Ruth Rendall

4. Robert Robinson

5. Rozinante

6. Rallentando

7. Reichenbach Falls

8. Rococo

9. Richard Burton

10. Richard Roundtree


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