7th December Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1863, Pietro Mascagni, as what was he famous?

2) Died on this day 1817 the rear admiral who was the captain of the HMS Bounty?

3) Died on this day 1985 the English poet and author of I Claudius, who?

4) Opened On this day 1732 the Theatre Royal in London, what is it now called?

5) On this day 1787 what became the first US state?

6) On this day 1907 Eugene Cori became the first person to do what at a boxing match? (Precise Answer required)

7) On this day in which year and where were 14 small warships, 200 aircraft and 2400 people destroyed and killed in America?

8) On this day 1982 Charles Brook Jr became the first prisoner to die by what method in a Texas prison?

9) On this day in which year did a major earthquake hit Armenia killing thousands?

10) Died on this day 1988 restaurateur Peter Langan, from a fire deliberately started at his home, who was his business partner?  


1) Composer (Of Operas)

2) Captain Bligh

3) Robert Graves

4) Covent Garden Opera House

5) Delaware

6) Referee inside the ring

7) 1941 at pearl harbour)

8) Lethal injection

9) 1988

10) Michael Caine  


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